Can Hashicorp Vault be run as a local process instead of a central server?

I've been learning about Hashicorp Vault lately. I left my job at AWS a few weeks ago, so I'm now wading through the ocean of open source tools that have popped up since 2012 when I joined Amazon. I've been focusing on key management and client-side encryption for the last couple of years at work, so this is a fun investigation for me.

Building a high-performance TCP client with async/await in Rust

As you might have heard, async/await is coming to Rust soon. This is a big deal. Rust has already has popular crates (tokio, actix) that provide asynchronous concurrency, but the async syntax coming to stable in 1.39 is much, much more approachable.

Advent of Code 2018, Day 23

For the last three years, Eric Wastl has celebrated the holidays by releasing the Advent of Code, which is a series of 25 holiday-themed coding challenges. They start simple, but by the end they're pretty damned interesting. I highly recommend giving the series a shot. Rather than going over the solution to every day, I want to talk about my favorite puzzle: Day 23.